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The smart genius pathway family of products helps people to make a successful career in Germany – whether a student, professional or investor. The product trio consists of academic pathways, career pathways and investment pathways. The product trio is in fact like a family ticket to a successful and lucrative future career in Germany through education, employment or training and investment.


EURASIA Institute can help you unfold your academic future in one of the most advanced nations of the world. Maybe educational opportunities in your location aren’t quite what you are looking for. Perhaps you are looking for greater stability in your future.


This strength is built on a strong and diverse workforce–there is a place for you! The Eurasia Career Pathways set you on track for a successful career in Germany by providing you with everything you need to excel, including mastery of the German language.


You are a professional upgrading your education and seeking a career in Germany, a university graduate seeking to enter business or professional life in Germany or a star investor looking to internationalise your portfolio and maybe even settle down with your family

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"The intercultural competence and worldwide reach of the EURASIA Institute and its members have proved to be invaluable in the context of our global student acquisition strategy. Student numbers increased tenfold from some regions within 2 years while new strategic partners were also developed and nurtured within the network."
Cologne Business School
“Through the Cooperation with EURASIA Institute and its global education network, our Foundation Year programme has grown over several years from a small annual cohort to around one hundred students a year from more than twenty different nations. Transferring part of the language preparation plus standardised CEFR language testing to partner schools abroad is beneficial for the university placement counselling process. It also helps to secure the quality and eligibility of student applicants which again is important for us in nurturing their success during the programme as well as later on in their academic and professional careers.”
Wildau Technical University of Applied Sciences
“Interculturality is a key element of the Brand Academy. Following the strategic point of internationalisation, we have chosen the EURASIA Institute as our partner for the international promotion of the Brand Academy. We appreciate a lot strong expertise of the EURASIA Institute in study preparation, language training and examination, as well as in student counselling and acquisition. We are sure that due to its’ long years’ experience in the international education EURASIA Institute is the right partner for us for promotion of our Bachelor and Master’s Degree programs on the international scope. Starting cooperation with the EURASIA Institute we are happy to join the its’ international network and provide for the international students new educational opportunities. .”
Brand Academy